What to Expect

When You Come To Class

Our main goal when instructing our classes is to ensure that students are getting the most out of each and every class, in a safe and positive environment. The standard procedure for each class will be for each child to put on their dancing shoes and complete a compulsory 10-15 minute stretch, warm-up and all necessary conditioning exercises. The structure of classes thereafter will differ depending on the class taken, and the skill level and ability of each individual child. Parent and Me, Tiny Toes and Beginner classes are based on encouragement and are extremely interactive as majority of the students are of a very young age.

As dancers progress through the levels classes become increasingly more demanding and require more constructive critique in order to help each student reach their own individual goals. All classes will help students develop a sense of discipline, respect and sportsmanship – qualities that will help them throughout their lives. At the end of each class the last 5-10 minutes will be spent cooling down – again this will involve stretching to minimize the potential for pain in the legs the next day and ensure that the risk of injury is minimized. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit?

We base our classes on the premise that you are never too old to learn Irish dance. We accept all kids aged 3+ through adult for our regular classes. We do offer a special Parent and Me class for kids aged 2. This is the only class in which students can be under 3 years old and the only instance in which parents will be allowed to be present in the studio during class time. 

Are parents allowed into dance class?

We appreciate and welcome all our parents to watch their kids during class time, however this must always be from outside the studio room i.e. through parental viewing windows. Parents are not allowed into the studio space during class time to ensure that each student is getting adequate dance time and attention. 

What do we wear?

For your trial class any form of comfortable exercise clothing is acceptable. We do prefer that students wear mostly black exercise clothing (t-shirt and shorts). Registered students of  the Magennis Academy are required to wear the approved practice uniform that can be purchased here. Having a dance uniform encourages uniformity and ensures dancers are equipped with the necessary supportive clothing to aid and abet their dancing.

Magennis Academy - A Welcoming Environment

  • Our classes are focused on children being allowed to express themselves through Irish Dance. Our main goal is to create a welcoming environment where any student regardless of their skill level or ability are able to learn, grow, feel confident and comfortable, all whilst having fun and nurturing respect for the art of Irish Dance.

  • Our classes will focus on all aspects of dancing to ensure the basics are taught properly maximizing each students chances of reaching their personal dance related goals. Our key focus areas for each dancer will be posture, turnout,  toe-height, crossover, musicality and rhythm.

  • We are a teamwork and family oriented environment and one which thrives on ensuring each student is treated with respect and valued. We look forward to welcoming you to Orlando’s finest Irish Dance Academy.